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At BRIDGEVIEW CAVALIERS we raise top quality, health certified and guaranteed, American Kennel Club registered Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. As Cavalier breeders, our area of expertise is showing, breeding and raising top notch dogs and placing them into loving, forever homes. The health of our dogs is our most important concern. Our Girls and Boys have their hearts and eyes certified on an annual basis. Our occasional litter of puppies is whelped inside of our home (actually in a special crate in our master bedroom) where they and their mother remain for about 4 weeks. At that age they are well on their way to eating solid puppy food in addition to mothers milk and the whole gang is moved to our front entry hallway which also connects to our kitchen. Here they have a complete view of all comings and goings, learn to use a doggy door and start on the road to becoming well socialized and housebroken. By six weeks old they will be using the doggy door, which is located only a few feet from their beds, 90% of the time.

Also at six weeks of age the puppies go to our veterinarian for a 6-week “wellness check-up” which includes but is not limited to a heart check, alertness/responsiveness test, hernia check and overall health evalutation and the mothers health is again checked. At eight weeks old our puppies begin a series of three shots for distemper, parvo virus, influenza and other ailments. At this same time we start using Revolution brand flea and dewormer.

Our facilities are flea free and it is a very rare occasion to see one of our dogs scratching (unless it is at the door). The puppies stay with their mothers as long as possible. Some mothers start to wean their puppies as early as six weeks while others will continue to let them nurse until 12 – 14 weeks old, nature takes its course. We generally will not let a puppy leave our home until they are a minimum of 12 weeks old. We have kept many puppies much longer.
In addition to letting our Cavaliers have free range of our home (which is totally fenced), they also have what we call the “Summer Playland Gallery” which is another whole separate building and fenced play area including a huge grassy area where they can romp and do all sorts of dog type things….see Summer Playland Gallery

As peoples’ temperaments are different, so are those of our best little friends, the Cavaliers. We try to match our puppies into appropriate new homes—–some people want the rambunctious, “get into everything” type puppy, while others prefer the puppy that sits back and watches what is happening before getting into it! See Happy Owners. We often have older puppies, 6 – 18 months old, that of course are much better trained than a younger one. Many people prefer to bypass the pleasure of house training a puppy. You must remember that, as a breed, Cavaliers seem to mature more slowly than many other breeds and even the adults will continue to entertain you with puppy-like antics for years!

cavalier breeders, cavalier puppiesDelta Society — One of our most rewarding experiences with Cavaliers has been training and getting certified two of our girls with the Delta Society’s “Pet Partners Program”, Team Tianna and Team Susie. Delta Society is a national visiting-animal program in which volunteers and their pets visit people in assisted care homes, hospitals, schools and other institutions. ( It is a known fact that animal visitations can provide healing benefits to humans. A special temperament and aptitude are necessary for a “team” to become registered and it is no simple task to train the dog and become a registered team. However, the Cavaliers demeanor makes them highly qualified for this type of endeavor. Team Susie has gone to a forever home and her new human companion has now certified her as a Service Dog, kudos to both of them!

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